Greg Howard

Photographer  |  Digital Artist  |  Obsessive Tea Drinker

Theres something about creating your own version of a place, controlling it, saving it, then looking back on it a year later and remembering exactly how you felt there.  

Born and raised in Nottingham, what started at a young age as sneaking out the house with cameras that weren't mine, quickly turned into impulse lens purchases and late nights on photoshop.

With a background in graphic design but a childhood love for the outdoors, running around with a camera in hand has ended up being the biggest part of my identity, allowing me to combine my need to create with nature, people and most importantly.. story telling. 

Over six years of clicking shutter buttons has led me down almost every avenue of content creation, from tiny back garden details to vast landscapes, expressing distance, solitude and ambience in its purest form. I’m currently based in Newcastle Upon Tyne while working as a professional editor and freelance photographer.

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