Greg Howard

Photographer  |  Digital Artist  |  Obsessive Tea Drinker

From watching the world flash by through my dads film camera in the back seat on family road trips - to showcasing distance, solitude and ambience in its purest form.  

Photography for me started as a breath of fresh air from the teenage crossroad of not really knowing which route to take. I’d sneak out the house with DSLR’s that weren’t mine just to save moments and make connections beyond my city.

Coming from a strong artistic background while constantly being lost in abstract thought meant picking up a camera turned out to be the perfect form of expression. It quickly transitioned into the biggest part of my identity. 

Over five years of clicking shutter buttons has led me down almost every fog immersed avenue of content creation, but at heart landscape and fine art photography keeps me carefully trapping dreams and reality in one timeless frame. 

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